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2002 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Cheat Codes
While playing the game or at the pause menu, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. If you entered the code correctly, a message "Cheat Activated" will appear.
ResultCheat Code
Health [Note 1]aspirine
Weapons (tier 1)thugstools
Weapons (tier 2)professionaltools
Weapons (tier 3)nuttertools
Raise wanted levelyouwonttakemealive
Lower wanted levelleavemealone
View media level when over two starschasestat
Better driving skillsgripiseverything
Dodo cars (flying) [Note 2]comeflywithme
Rhino tankpanzer
Faster game clocklifeispassingmeby
Faster game playonspeed
Slower game playbooooooring
Destroy all carsbigbang
Pedestrians riotfightfightfight
Pedestrians attack younobodylikesme
Pedestrians have weaponsourgodgivenrighttobeararms
Pedestrians enter your carhopingirl
Change wheel sizeloadsoflittlethings
Only wheels visible on carswheelsareallineed
Bikini women with guns [Note 3]chickswithguns
Heavy trafficmiamitraffic
Pink trafficahairdresserscar
Black trafficiwantitpaintedblack
All traffic lights greengreenlight
Romero's Hearsethelastride
Love Fist Limousinerockandrollcar
Bloodring Banger (style 1)travelinstyle
Bloodring Banger (style 2)gettherequickly
Pedestrian costumes [Note 4]stilllikedressingup
Lance Vance costumelooklikelance
Ken Rosenberg costumemysonisalawyer
Hilary King costumeilooklikehilary
Jezz Torent (Love Fist) costumerockandrollman
Dick (Love Fist) costumeweloveourdick
Phil Cassaday costumeonearmedbandit
Sonny Forelli costumeidonthavethemoneysonny
Mercedes costumefoxylittlething
Cars float on waterseaways
Engines are fastergetthereveryfastindeed
Engines very fastgetthereamazinglyfast
All cars are fastergettherefast
Tommy groupies [Note 5]fannymagnet
Ricardo Diaz costumecheatshavebeencracked
Tommy smokes cigarettecertaindeath
Tommy is fatterdeepfriedmarsbars
Tommy has thin arms and legsprogrammer
Good weatherapleasantday
Great weatheralovelyday
Sunny weatherabitdrieg
Stormy weathercatsanddogs
Foggy weathercantseeathing
Reguard targetairship
Commit suicideicanttakeitanymore
Note 1: If this code is enabled when there is damage on your car, the meter will be reset to zero without changing the visible effects of the damage.
Note 2: You will not be able to fly a helicopter correctly when this code is activated.
Note 3: The women will drop guns when they are killed.
Note 4: Repeat this code to cycle through the various pedestrian costumes, including a cop.
Note 5: Aim your gun at someone and they will attack your target.
  • During Gameplay, type any of these cheats (note: codes are not case sensitive)
    Aggressive DriversMIAMITRAFFIC
    All ''heavy'' weaponsNUTTERTOOLS
    All ''light'' weaponsTHUGSTOOLS
    All ''medium'' weaponsPROFESSIONALTOOLS
    All cars are blackIWANTITPAINTEDBLACK
    All cars are pinkAHAIRDRESSERSCAR
    All cars have nitros (boosters)JUSTALITTLEFASTER
    All traffic lights are greenGREENLIGHT
    All weathers in one timeWORLDISMAD
    Blow up nearby carsBIGBANG
    Cars and bikes have nitrosMEGASPEED
    Cars can drive/hover over waterSEAWAYS
    Cars can flyCOMEFLYWITHME
    Decrease Wanted LevelLEAVEMEALONE
    Dense CloudsABITDRIEG
    Fast boats can fly for short periods of timeAIRSHIP
    Foggy WeatherCANTSEEATHING
    Full HealthASPIRINE
    Full wanted level starsMOSTWANTED
    Girls Carry GunsCHICKSWITHGUNS
    Gives Tommy girly arms/legsPROGRAMMER
    Ladies Man, Women Follow YouFANNYMAGNET
    Light CloudsAPLEASANTDAY
    Makes everything fasterONSPEED
    Makes everything slowerBOOOOOORING
    Makes Tommy fatterDEEPFRIEDMARSBARS
    Makes you smoke a cigaretteCERTAINDEATH
    no money leftLOSTALL
    Only the wheels of a car are visibleWHEELSAREALLINEED
    Peds carry rocket launchersGODPOWER
    Peds without clothesLOLOLDISGUS
    Perfect HandlingGRIPISEVERYTHING
    Play as Hilary KingILOOKLIKEHILARY
    Play as Ken RosenbergMYSONISALAWYER
    Play as Lance VanceLOOKLIKELANCE
    Play as Love Fist character (Dick)WELOVEOURDICK
    Play as Love Fist character (Jezz Torent)ROCKANDROLLMAN
    Play as MercedesFOXYLITTLETHING
    Play as Phil CassidyONEARMEDBANDIT
    Shows Media Level (when 2+ stars)CHASESTAT
    Spawn a Bloodring BangerTRAVELINSTYLE
    Spawn a Bloodring Banger #2GETTHEREQUICKLY
    Spawn a Hotring Racer #2GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST
    Spawn a hunterLETSMERISEUP
    Spawn a hunterAIRJUMP
    Spawn a hunterIWILLGETTOMARS
    Spawn a RhinoPANZER
    Spawn a Romero's HearseTHELASTRIDE
    Spawn a Sabre TurboGETTHEREFAST
    Spawn a TrashmasterRUBBISHCAR

    Spawn Love Fist's LimoROCKANDROLLCAR
    Speed up game clockLIFEISPASSINGMEBY
    Sportscars have big wheelsLOADSOFLITTLETHINGS
    Stormy WeatherCATSANDDOGS
    Sunny/Clear WeatherALOVELYDAY
    Unlimited ammos


  1. bullet proof car sabre tubro

    UNLOCKABLEHow to Unlock
    Go to the mission where you must race Hillary. When the race starts turn around and drive for about ten seconds, park your car across the street to make a road block. Wait for Hillary to come and shoot him in the head with a sniper rifle.Bullet proof Sabre Turbo
  2. Rewards for completing the Game 100%

    UNLOCKABLEHow to Unlock
    Complete the Game 100%200 Health
    Complete the Game 100%200 Armor
    Complete the Game 100%200 Health on all cars
    Complete the Game 100%3 Bodyguards in your Mansion
    Complete the Game 100%Frankie t-shirt found in mansion with "I BEAT VICE CITY AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT" on it
    Complete the game 100%Infinite Ammo
  3. Misc. Unlockables

    UNLOCKABLEHow to Unlock
    Beat a level 12 Paramedic MissionInfinite Sprint on Foot
    Beat a level 10 Pizza Boy Mission150 Health
    100 Taxi faresTaxi Hydraulics
    Beat a level 12 Firetruck MissionFireproof on Foot
    Beat 45 or more Points at the shooting rangeFaster weapon reload
    Beat a level 12 Vigilante Mission150 Armor
  4. Rewards for finding Hidden Packages

    UNLOCKABLEHow to Unlock
    find 10 Hidden PackagesBody Armor delivered to Hideout(s)
    find 20 Hidden PackagesChainsaw delivered to Hideout(s)
    find 40 Hidden PackagesFlame-thrower delivered to Hideout(s)
    find 100 Hidden PackagesHunter appears at Military Base
    find 50 Hidden PackagesLaser Scope Sniper Rifle delivered to Hideout(s)
    find 60 Hidden PackagesMinigun delivered to Hideout(s)
    find 30 Hidden PackagesPython delivered to Hideout(s)
    find 90 Hidden PackagesRhino appears at Military Base
    find 70 Hidden PackagesRocket Launcher delivered to Hideout(s)
    find 80 Hidden PackagesSea Sparrow spawns at Vercetti Mansion
  5. Secret Cars

    These are the secret cars list and how to get them:
    UNLOCKABLEHow to Unlock
    Steal it during the Two Bit Hit Mission.Black Voodoo
    Complete the Bloodring event at Hyman Memorial Stadium and two will spawn in the nearby parking lot.Bloodring Banger
    Steal it during the Guardian Angels mission.BP/EP/DP/FP Admiral
    Complete the first list of cars at the car showroom and it will spawn on the first floor. The list is on the wall down by the garages.Deluxo
    Complete the fourth list of cars at the car showroom and it will spawn on the second floor.Hotring Racer
    Collect all 100 hidden packages or complete all of the main story missions and it will spawn at Fort Baxter Air Base.Hunter
    Take it to a garage during one of the Love Fist missions in which you drive the limo.Love Fist Limo
    Collect 90 hidden packages and it will spawn at Fort Baxter Air Base. Alternately, get six stars and the army will use it against you.Rhino
    Steal it during the final Avery Carrington MissionRomero's Hearse
    Complete the second list of cars at the car showroom and it will spawn on the first floor.Sabre Turbo
    Complete the third list of cars at the car showroom and it will spawn on the second floor.Sandking
    Collect 80 hidden packages and it will spawn behind the Vercetti Estate.Sea Sparrow
    Complete all the Film Studio Missions and it will spawn behind the Film Studio.Skimmer
    After the Jury Fury mission by Ken Rosenburg, you can steal the car.Spand Express
    Steal it during the Gun Runner Mission.White Walton
    Complete all of the missions for the Kaufman Cabs asset and it will spawn in the parking lot.Zebra Taxi
  6. Vice City Unlockables

    UNLOCKABLEHow to Unlock
    Beat Phil's score in the "The Shootist" mission."Best Shooter" trophy at Ocean View Hotel
    Complete the Protection Ring missions."Gash" shopping bag at Vercetti Estate
    Complete the "Keep Your Friends Close" mission0.357 Pistol at Vercetti Estate
    Complete the Printing Press missions.Bag of cash at Ocean View Hotel
    Complete the "The Job" mission.Robber's mask at Ocean View Hotel

Easter Eggs

  1. Grow\Shrink Moon

    At night, shoot the full moon with a sniper rifle.
    The moon will grow and shrink each time you shoot it.
  2. A real virtual Easter Egg

    Aim for the Helipad on top of the Vice City-News Station (on the second Island). Sometimes there is the VCN Mavrick on the Helipad. The building on the right has a hallow wall so you can go through it. The hallow part is a unrealistic looking window on the left of it. Run from one side of the heliport to the other and then jump into the hallow window. There you will see the Easter Egg with a sign on it that says Happy Easter.


  1. Change vehicle stats

    In the GTA-Vice City Directory, there should be a subdirectory called data. In this folder you'll find a file called "Handling.cfg". Change the File name to "Handling.txt" and open it. Here you can change the weight of the car, it's crash damage multiplier, speed, Acceleration and others. The file itself gives good pointers towards which values should be changed, and you should backup any files you intend to edit.


  1. Get Hookers in the Australian Version

     Australian Hookers will simply not get in your car, however if you drive next to a hooker and use the ''pedestrians get in car'' cheat 'HOPINGIRL' the hooker /will/ get into the car, and when you go to a secluded place the car starts rocking and increases your health to up to 25 HP more. 
  2. Quick Reload

    When you are using a weapon and finish off a clip, quickly scroll the mouse wheel up, then quickly back down to the weapon you were using. The weapon should already be reloaded. This makes it easier when in a gang battle.
  3. Put two Vehicles in Your Garage

    One of the Two vehicles MUST be a Motorcycle. Get a Motorcycle and park it half way into the entrance (preferably of to the side). Get another Motorcycle or a car nearby and drive it into the garage. Hop on the Motorcycle thats parked halfway and drive that in too.

    Now you have 2 Vehicles in your garage!
  4. All Buildings and Terrain Disappear- Find Packages with ease!

    Take a bike (PCJ works well) and ride it as fast as you can into the Pole Position Strip Club entrance way, but before you get there hop off the bike and let it slide all the way to the end. Then enter the Pole Position and you should be standing on or next to your bike. If it is far enough down the hall you can get on it without having to exit the building. Once on the bike and having exited the building you can go anywhere in the game without the distracting buildings and terrain showing up; they are all invisible.